Strange and delicious sea snail restaurants of Ha Long

The most well-known places to eat sea snail dish in Ha Long are areas which are near Cao Xanh market and Bai Chay market. There are many sea snail restaurants but they are always full of customers.

When you see the sign”Ha Long sea snail supper market”, I must sure you will be attracted to go inside this super market, and you will be surprised by the variety of sea snail.

In Ha long, you have to use a safety pin and your mouth to eat snail .It is very different with eating them in Hanoi but it is very interesting; maybe it is consider as an art in cuisine.

When eating snail here, the waiter will guide you how to eat snails with a key. You use the hole of this key to break the head of a snail, and then soak it in to the sauce. After that you will suck the snail by your mouth. In this way, you will feel the delicious taste of snail as well as sauce.
Once of the key to make the snail dish delicious is in its sauce.

Do you know how to make sauce for this dish?
– Fish sauce
– Cold boiled water
– Garlic, ginger, chilli, lemon leaves. You have cut them into small pieces.
– Glutamate, sugar, lemon
Step1 :
-grind garlic and onion; put them in a bowl of fish sauce. You can add cold boiled water if you want it less salty.
-add sugar, lemon water, glutamate
-add chilli and lemon leaves

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