Shell husking dried shrimp.

There are many kinds of sea shrimps.

Many people buy this kind of shrimp when they are still fresh. They husk their shell because it is very firm, then fry them with tomato, or cut them into small bits to make grill chopped shrimp.
However, people like to buy shrimps which are dried and husked. After catching shrimps, fishers husk shrimps’ shell, boiled them, and then make them dry. The price of this shrimp is much more expensive than when they are fresh.
The husking shell dried shrimp is very suitable with people who were born in Ha Long but live far from here.
Do you know how to cook this kind of dried shrimp?
You only need to soak them into cold water, then shatter, and put them in your soup pot, boil, and then add vegetable. Eating this soup in winter is so wonderful.

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