Vermicelli fried with oyster

This dish has appeared in restaurants in Ha Long, for but it had been popular in Chanh river, Quan Yen town, Yen Hung district for a long time. This dish has not have a good appearance with the white color of vermicelli, the black color of oyster and cat’s ear, mushroom, the green of onion leaves. At first, you cannot like the taste of oyster, but after you enjoy it, you will feel that you like it very much.

You cut vermicelli into short length of 5cm, put it in to pan. When taking the oysters ‘meat out of their shell, you should catch the water from their meat.
Wash the meat carefully, filter the oysters’ water. After that you put all of that meat in pan, add soup, glutamate and mix them.
Wash and cut mushroom, cat’s ear in to small pieces. Onion leave is cut into short length.
You fry the onion in a pan first, then put the above mix of oyster and vermicelli in there, cook it until oyster is done, put mushroom, cat ‘ears in, then fry again. When all of thing is done, you put oyster’s water in, and mix again (you can put this water in or not).
Depending on the amount of oyster you will use the amount of vermicelli, but normally with 5 gram of oyster, you cook with 0, 5 gram vermicelli.
When finishing, you add pepper in , and you now have a delicious dish of vermicelli with oyster.

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