Tien yen chicken.

Tien Yen is a district of Quanng Ninh, is 70km far from HaLong. If you come to Tien Yen, you will have chances to enjoy more speciality of Quang Ninh, in which there is a Tien Yen chicken dish.

Tien Yen chickens live in hills, they earn food themselves, so that their meat is very sweet and firm. There are many way to process this kind of chicken, but the best way is to boil.

Only in this way, you will feel the best quality, best taste of Tien Yen chicken. After boiling, chickens’ become yellow as saffron. Their meat is very sweet and brittle.
You should eat this chicken dish with “Gat gu’’ cake. This is also a speciality of Quang Ninh.

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