Long Tien Pagoda Festival

Long Tiên Pagoda was built quite recently, 1941, and is the largest pagoda in Hạ Long City. The pagoda has original and unique architectural style of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Built in 1941, Long Tien is the biggest pagoda and a well-known historical place in Halong City. Atop the three-gate entrance stands a statue of Buddha in a sitting position. Below is a bell tower, featuring three words Long Tien Tu (Long Tien Pagoda), flanked by two parallel panels. The main altar is dedicated to Buddha. The altar on the right worships generals of the Tran Dynasty, while the altar on the left is dedicated to the Holy Mother of Three Palaces.

It is very convenient for tourists to come there as the pagoda lies in the heart of Halong City. In the past, the festival of Long Tien Pagoda opened on the 24th day of the third lunar month. At present, every day is a festival. Tourists and Buddhist followers from near and far visit the pagoda for sightseeing, or presenting their offerings to Buddha. The pagoda gets extremely crowed on the 1st and the 15th day of each month and during Tet traditional holiday.

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