I really was impressive to experience your tourism products

Mr. James Nolan (Birminham City, UK): “I really was impressive to experience your tourism products”

I have come across many countries, many tourist destinations in the world but coming to Ha Long, I am still surprised about the beauty of this place. Three times toVietnamand I will choose Ha Long as a destination for my trip. It is interesting that every time in Ha Long, I have very different experiences, and it is one of the most interesting landscapes in this world. I really was impressive to experience the tourism products such as going out to sea , the way to use net, chase fish … And I was the most impressed when the whole mission strike the boat board by the tune to chase fish into the net. It was good to enjoy the fish dishes caught by them for lunch in a rustic, intimacy, affection space.

I love Ha Long Bay and it is interesting to get a real and close angle about Ha Long through this tour. Surely, I will give my emotional experience with my friends when returning to the country, so that they could know your country, poetic and charm Ha Long Bay.

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